Power of Choice

Sana Nusrat
Teacher, Study Hall School

In this patriarchal setup, there is one thing that demands immediate attention. “Perception of women” is something that calls for change and needs social reforms. The one thing that is promising enough to bring about such a change is education. With education comes exposure, confidence and independence. It broadens the horizon and gives a girl the “power of choice” – the choice to be independent, self reliant and fearless. Women are most often looked down upon and subjugated in many families, it is about time that it changes! From simple decisions such as what to wear, when to eat and when to move out of the house to big ones such as who to marry and whether to work or not, are all taken by their male counterparts. Education develops confidence and self esteem among women and gives them the power to make decisions on their own- big our small. At the end, it all comes down to the only question- ” Are we going to be a part of this change or are we going to resist it?”

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