KGBV Dobhi, Jaunpur

Girls from Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya, Dobhi Jaunpur presenting their posters for India’s Daughters Campaign 2015.

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Girls’ Education and Society

Prof. Kirti Narain
Project Director,
Giri Institue of Development Studies

Education is not a mere governmental undertaking—it is also a social enterprise. It is influenced by social culture and, simultaneously, influences it too. An examination of the unity between education and culture holds a special significance in the issue of girls because the shadow of family and community looms large on their life during their years in school. If statistics are looked at, it will be seen that enrollment of girls in schools has exponentially increased, yet this has not translated into creating an equitable society. Young girls and boys may study together or separately, may study similar courses for a common examination, yet their educational experience cannot be the same. This is because the cultural and traditional engineering of society affects their thinking and their mental structure is built in a different mould. Man and woman are two faces of human existence, but because of their childhood experiences, a hierarchy in gender relations is created.
When a girl in a uniform is in the classroom or writing an examination, she appears to be a mere student, but the fact is that this girl is not able to leave behind that girl who is living in an atmosphere of strict vigil and gender discrimination in her house. Two factors emerge, one that the social attitudes are so subtle that they cannot be defined in a substantive manner to merit opposition. In fact, when persons become parents, however modern and liberal, they start subscribing to these views. Secondly, in any small or big undertaking during the upbringing of a girl, preparation for marriage and motherhood are the expected hidden essentials. Patriarchy is steeped in our social conditioning; and limiting human aspirations in the confines of marriage and motherhood is unnatural and a cruel practice from the psychological perspective.
Girls between the ages of 5 and 18 whether in rural or urban environ are schooled into believing in established social norms. The effect is so insidious and gradual that the girls do not even register this ‘indoctrination’. This becomes a barrier in the impartation of a holistic education at school. Since childhood, girls are educated in tradition, social practices, beauty enhancement aids, etc., so by the time they become old enough to understand, their mindset is formed. Education becomes a tool that confers degrees and accolades and, in most cases, a pathway to a good marriage. The concept of a girl leaving her father’s home at the time of marriage and being expected to merge fully into a strange home and family has created self-doubt and insecurity among girls of all strata of society. Professor Leela Dubey has said that girls are trained to think that women should be like water which does not have a shape of its own and takes the shape of the receptacle it is put into, and leaves no marks of its entity behind.
Professor Krishna Kumar, the famous educationist, erstwhile Director of NCERT and eminent professor at Delhi University, feels that since time immemorial strife between providing equal education to girls and boys has existed. Education makes girls brilliant and aware but, “Education by itself is weak but it definitely becomes a memory, a memory of one’s conceptual freedom and the dream of attaining power.” However, the school system has continued to remain inadequate and weak from the standpoint of syllabi, teaching, sports and even security. If one just looks at this carefully, it will be seen that girls who are somewhat becoming aware on account of education are actually unknowingly becoming a party to their own suppression. Even so, the school is one place where girls have dared to dream of freedom from any kind of suppression and danger to their identity.

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है काम नहीं कुछ भी मुश्किल

शिखा भटनागर
शिक्षिका – विशिष्ट शिक्षा विभाग
स्टडी हॉल

गर ठान ले मन में ज्योत जलाकर,
विश्वास भरे अपने अंदर ।
हर कन्या को करेंगे साक्षर ,
फिर न होगा संकट कोई उसपर ।
जब हर घर की कन्या हो शिक्षा के प्रति प्रेरित ,
होगा राष्ट्र तभी अपना भी विकसित ।
आ गया समय अबला कही जाने वाली नारी को ,
दे दें शिक्षा रूपी अस्त्र और शस्त्र को
न व्यर्थ यूँ ही समय बिताओ
बस पूरी लगन और निष्ठा से बेटियाँ बढ़ाओ और बचाओ ।

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बदले अपनी सोच

संचिता मिश्रा
शिक्षिका – विशिष्ट शिक्षा विभाग
स्टडी हॉल

” बेटा , बेटी एक समान
यही कहता है सारा जहान ।
फिर भी , क्यों होता है ,
भ्रूण हत्या जैसा अपराध ।
अगर नहीं रही बेटियाँ
तो कैसे होगा समाज का विस्तार
बदले अपनी सोच को
दे हम बेटियों को समानता का अधिकार

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अपशकुनी ?

सुश्री नीता सिंह

झोपड़ी बाहर बैचेन रघु रह रह कर आतुररता से अंदर झांक रहा था। थोड़ी देर में बच्चे की रोने आवाज आई तो उसकी उत्कुता बढ़ी लेकिन बड़ी देर तक जब अंदर से कोई कुछ न बोला तो उसका दिल बैठ गया और वो समझ गया कि तीसरी भी बिटिया ही हुई है। रघु गुस्से से द्धार पर पानी के मटके को पैर से फोड़ते हुये घर से बाहर निकल गया जैसे कोई अपशकुन हो गया हो। पूरा पानी धरती पर बिखर गया मानो धरती विलाप कर रही हो, एक लड़की होने पर! रघु बहुत दुखी था । बगल में मोहन के तीन -तीन लड़के थे और रघु एक लड़के के लिए तड़प रहा था मानो उसका जीवन अधूरा था और उसे मोक्ष भी नहीं मिलने वाला था ।
धीरे -धीरे समय बीता और बच्चे बड़े होने लगे। पड़ोसी लड़को को स्कूल जाते देख कर रघु की लड़की पार्वती भी ज़िद करती तो रघु को बहुत बुरा लगता और उसे डाँटकर चुप करा देता। पार्वती जिस घर में काम करने जाती थी वहाँ की आंटी ने उसकी पढाई में दिलचस्पी देखकर पास के पार्टटाइम स्कूल में उसका नाम लिखवा दिया। धीरे-धीरे पार्वती ने काम के साथ इंटर की पढाई भी कर ली व स्कूल में उसे एक क्लार्क नौकरी भी मिल गई। रघु को फिर भी कोई ख़ुशी न होती। वो तो मोहन के लड़को को देखकर आह भरता रहता। जबकि वे सब फेल होकर आवारा निकल गये थे। मोहन रात दिन खटता तो कही जाकर उसका घर चलता।
एक दिन मजदूरी करते वक्त एक हादसे में रघु और मोहन दोनों घायल हो गये। पार्वती ने सुनते ही दोनों को पास के अस्पताल में भर्ती कराया और तुरंत ही उनका उपचार शुरू करा दिया।
उसने अपनी टीचर व आंटी से उधार भी ले लिया जिससे उनके इलाज में कोई कसर न छूट जाये। उसकी रात दिन की महेनत व सेवा से दोनों स्वस्थ होने लगे लेकिन मोहन का एक भी लड़का अस्पताल में नहीं दिखा ।
मोहन की पत्नी पार्वती पर बलिहारी जा रही थी और सभी उसकी तारीफ करते नहीं थक रही थी। जिस लड़की को वह आज तक अपशकुनी मानता था, उसके लिए रघु का ह्रदय भी आज पहली बार गर्वान्वित महसूस कर रहा था । साथ ही उसका दिल भर -भर रहा था। घर में पार्वती का सहारा लेकर प्रवेश करते वक्त रघु पानी का मटका देख कर ठिठक गया और संभलकर उसके बगल से निकला कि कहीं फूट ना जाये। लेकिन उसकी दोनों आँखों से जो आंसू बह रहे थे वे रोके नहीं रुक रहे थे और लग रहा था कि पूरी धरती को भिगो देंगे। उसी दिन की तरह ……………………………………

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Education is the crux

Dr.Pratima Srivastava
Study Hall Center for Learning

Education is the crux
The impact of education on girls is extraordinary. Education sustains human values. It forms the foundation for learning and critical thinking. Education also provides skills for girls to become more self-reliant and provides them with more opportunities. Thinking into the future, education also provides them with the knowledge to manage health problems. A girl understanding her own body can make the difference between an unwanted pregnancy and an illegal abortion. Having the knowledge beforehand is crucial to saving and protecting lives.

Education does impact human development, as mentioned, along with economical development but the greatest impact is on democracy. Education is the only way a girl can be an informed citizen, leading the way for her to having her voice heard in society. Education also provides a better overall quality of life. Research has shown the life expectancy rises by as two years for every one percent increase literacy . When women have a voice there can be changes made to existing laws changing the future for young girls.

4 reasons why girls are pulled out of school
The first reason why girls are pulled out of school is because of family responsibilities
The second reason why girls are kept from receiving a primary education is because they are pulled out early to protect family honor.
The third reason for inequality during primary education is because girls can’t attend school due to inadequate facilities

The Solution

First, NGOs and nonprofits can offer the most helpful solution to this problem because of grassroots movements across rural India. Many of the past efforts have come from reviewing previous reports. NGOs and nonprofits work at a local scale where a difference can be made, whereas the government has worked on a larger scale with less success.
Second, the government’s response can help the whole process of providing primary schools for girls. The Indian government has recognized the problem has been slow to act on the issue. As mentioned earlier, education is not a priority for the government right now; rather the government is focused on the economy. Without girls being involved in the future economy, the government is taking a risk and putting the issue off for another generation.

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एक आस हूँ मैं, एक विश्वास हूँ मैं।

सृष्टि श्रीवास्तव
प्रेरणा गर्ल्स स्कूल

एक आस हूँ मैं, एक विश्वास हूँ मैं। …
दुनिया में आने से, न रोकी जाऊँगी मैं !
आकर सबका प्यार, और दुलार पाऊँगी मैं !
तभी तो नन्हे -नन्हे क़दमों से, उनकी उँगली पकड़ चल पाऊँगी मैं !
एक दिन फिर उन्हीं का , सहारा बन पाऊँगी मैं !

एक आस हूँ मैं, एक विश्वास हूँ मैं…
मुझको छूने लगी है, भैया की सूनी कलाई !
मुझको सुहाने लगी है, माँ के दामन की परछाईं!
मुझको भाने लगी है, पिता की शान और बड़ाई !
मुझको भरमाने लगी है, बगिया की अमराई !
मेरी तमन्ना भी लेने लगी है आँगड़ाई!

एक आस हूँ मैं, एक विश्वास हूँ मैं …
एक ही थाली में, भाई के संग है खाना !
संग -संग खेलना, पढ़ना और पढ़ाना !
सतरंगी दुनिया होगी मेरी जब पिया के घर जाना !
प्यार और मान की डोर से बंध , क़दमों से कदम मिलाना !

एक आस हूँ मैं, एक विश्वास हूँ मैं …

अन्यथा। …………….
मैं ही न रहूंगी तो रह जाएगी अधूरी हर बात!
रख जाएगे सेहरे अनछूए, न सजेगी कोई बारात !
न पूरा होगा चक्र, नवअंकुर फूट न पायेगा
न सजेगी नई कोख, कुल कहाँ से बच पायेगा ?
रचेता की सृष्टि मिट जाएगी, दुनिया में हाहाकार मच जायेगा

एक आस हूँ मैं, एक विश्वास हूँ मैं …

नहीं होगा ऐसा कभी नहीं!!!!!!!
होगा पूरा उजाला, अन्धेरा छट जाने से !
नहीं हिचकिचाएगा कोई बेटी को गले लगाने से !
तभी एक दिन गर्व से, प्यार के एहसास से !
अपनी कोख सजाऊँगी, निर्भयता के भाव से !
चहुँ दिशाएँ तीनो लोक, गूंज उठेगें किलकारी से !
महक उठेगा प्रभु आँगन नई फुलवारी से !

एक आस हूँ मैं, एक विश्वास हूँ मैं। …

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Because I am a girl

Mrs. Arunima Kapoor Duque
Asst. Director, Marketing, Flamingo
United Kingdom

Don’t marry me off, don’t send me away

What did I do, that you treat me this way

I’ve loved you and honoured you

Always done what’s right.

I wanted to sing, I wanted to play

I wanted to learn, just like they

My childhood is mine

Not for yours to take away.

There are so many rules

I followed them all

Nothing was good enough

Just because I am a girl.

Today I leave with strangers I don’t know

There is no love, but celebrations galore

Why would you abandon me

What did I do

Don’t let me go; because I am a girl.

Never ends

Your smile so beautiful, your joy so pure

Though the days for you are harder for sure

You strive and shine, and it goes unnoticed

Your accomplishments overshadowed by ignorant faces

So young, so glorious, the days of youth

Lost in fighting for what you deserve

So many have tried, so many have failed

But you keep on without refrain

It’s been forever, this struggle as a girl

They say it’s getting better and we keep on

Some things change, most remain the same

But the fight never ends.

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KGBV Milak Block, Rampur

Girls from Milak Block of Rampur District gearing up for the procession march. Girls also shared essays on ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’.

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It’s not fair!

Mrs. Surbhi Kapoor

It’s not fair, says little me

To almost everything I see around me

Why are there different rules

And so many of them?

Answers terse, and mostly unconvincing

‘It’s how it is, and has always been’

No reasoning, no questioning

Just obedience demanded

Girls are meant to be commanded.

It’s hard to break out

It’s hard to think

In prisons without reasoning

But fights aren’t futile

The struggle is worth it

Someday they will realise

Our love is worth it.

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