Competitions with 8 KGBV schools in Lucknow district

On the occasion of KGBV Annual Day, Digital Study Hall organized Painting and Quiz Competitions for 8 KGBV schools in Lucknow. Following up India’s Daughters campaign, the same theme was selected for the painting competitions. 16 students participated in the painting competition and drew images depicting the ingrained mistreatment of women in the country. Ms. Ranjana Sharma from KGBV Chinhat won the first prize in the Paining competition and Ms. Priya Rawat from KGBV Sarojini Nagar was the runner up. Third prize was awarded to Ms. Chandni Rawat from KGBV Malihabad. A team of 2 students was formed from each KGBV and they competed in a Science Quiz. It was a close competition and KGBV Kakori was declared the winner. KGBV Malihabad and KGBV Chinhat secured second and third places.

Painting Competition Teams

Painting Competition Results

Quiz Competition Teams

Quiz Competition Results

Images from the Event

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