Capacity Building of DIETs in UP

In 2010 Digital Study Hall (DSH) began its intervention in the District Institutes for Education and Training (DIETs) of Uttar Pradesh with the aim of using innovative methods of teaching and enhancing the quality of elementary education so that every interaction between a student and a teacher is much more productive than before. This intervention was launched through a program called “Capacity building of DIETs for enhancing teacher educators’ performance through mediation based pedagogy” in collaboration with State Council for Education Research and Training (SCERT) and UNICEF India.

Initially only 12 DIETs were covered which were provided with the DVDs of DSH content i.e. videos illustrating various innovative ways of teaching children and getting their full attention. This was followed by monitoring visits in which DSH representatives went to these DIETs to monitor the progress and effectiveness of the program by getting firsthand information from staff and students and getting them to fill feedback forms.

The results from the 12 DIETs were very encouraging. This prompted the SCERT Uttar Pradesh to invite DSH to expand the program to all the remaining 58 DIETs, thus covering the entire state of Uttar Pradesh with 70 DIETs.

Since then we have been constantly monitoring the progress of all the DIETs through field visits, class room observations, phone calls, usage logs and feedback forms.

We found that around 86% DIETs are using the DSH content regularly and have included the viewing sessions in their Time Tables. 80% BTC students have adopted the methodologies demonstrated in the videos and are using them in practice teaching. DIETs organize regular trainings for the teachers in service; 77% of all DIETs are using the DSH material in such trainings wherein all the trainees have given a positive feedback about the DSH content. The demand for DSH content is constantly on the rise, many teacher educators and BTC students have expressed their desire of having a video based curriculum designed by DSH for the entire BTC course.