Your Voice is Our Voice… March On!

Rainn Wilson, Holiday Reinhorn, Kathryn Adams and the 500 girls of Lide-Haiti stand in solidarity with India’s Daughters against rape and gender-based violence across south asia and worldwide. To all of India’s daughters fighting against these heinous crimes — We see you, we hear you and we stand beside you in the fight to stop these unacceptable violations of body and spirit against our mothers, daughters and sisters. We applaud your courage and we promise you—the world is watching and will not sit in silence. Your voice is our voice. March On!

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Teachers’ Training for Informal Tuition Centers


DSH has been running informal tuition centers for children in slums and in rural areas, who have never been to a school and have no support from the family. These tuition centers are being run by girls, who are current or ex students of Prerna and some ladies who have taken up the challenge voluntarily.

A day long training was organized for the ITC teachers on February 14, 2014. They shared their experiences and had a discussion on what would they consider as minimum literacy. They also planned the first three months’ curriculum.

The trainer gave them tips for accelerating the children’s progress in reading Hindi. Phonetics was taught with the help of a video. Many games were suggested to make Maths more interesting. A feedback form was filled by the participants. Poetry and story books were given to all the teachers. Henceforth, meetings and follow up visits will take place regularly.

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Annual Athletic and Cultural Meet of Lucknow District KGBVs and Other Govt. Schools

Annual Athletic and Cultural meet of the Lucknow district KGBVs was held at the Northern Railway stadium, Charbagh on 17th and 18th February, 2014. DSH has been closely connected to the KGBVs while running it’s Arohini and Jan Jagriti programmes and has been supporting these schools in their various academic and co- curricular activities.

The DSH team was present in full strength to witness the event on both days, right from the opening ceremony to the finale’. DSH sponsored four competitions—debate, rangoli, painting and a balancing race. Debate was conducted on the second day while the other three took place on the 17th. Since DSH was going to organize a rally on the 20th against child marriage, the topic of the painting completion was “child Marriage”. DSH provided the paper and colours to all the 800 girls and it was so touching to see the girls sitting in huge circles on the field and translating their feelings into paintings. Each school made a rangoli in front of the stall allotted to it and the three prize winners were truly worthy of their positions. The BSA liked the race because the girls walking with a book and a plate balanced on their heads symbolized a balance between home and education.

All the prizes were distributed during the closing ceremony.

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Rally against Child Marriage

Study Hall Educational Foundation launched a web campaign “India’s Daughters” with this year’s theme “Child Marriage”. All Study Hall Educational Foundation partner schools were invited to participate in the campaign by sending articles, essays, poems, and illustrations. The web campaign has been active since last two months and recently culminated into school’s organizing rallies in their communities. It was a big community mobilization led by girls of KGBVs in the form of rallies organized by all the schools individually. Study Hall Educational Foundation worked closely with schools to help the schools prepare street plays, slogans, posters and on 20th February 2014 took out a rally in their villages.

On the same day between 10am to 12pm, 44 KGBVs in 4 districts of Uttar Pradesh (Lucknow, Mirzapur, Jaunpur and Sonbhadra) organized rallies and signature campaign against the Child Marriage. The KGBVs engaged parents, community members, local village authorities, official from administration and through their slogans and street plays spread awareness about the harmful consequences of Child Marriage. Over 22,000 people have been touched by this first of its kind community based intervention across four districts and many more through the online campaign. The parents turned up in huge numbers and supported the cause by pledging not to get their girls married before the legal age and allowing them to study as much as they want. Last year, Study Hall Educational Foundation organized a Community Mobilization Training for the teachers and wardens of the KGBVs to prepare them for effective parent interactions and organizing rallies. The efforts of the Foundation and KGBV staff have proven very effective after such an overwhelming response from the communities.


DSH has been running programmes in KGBVs for the empowerment of girls since 2011. It was realized that the empowerment of girls will bear fruit only when the family and the neighbourhood also supports the girls. Since the KGBVs are residential schools, the parents have a close connection with the teachers. The teachers can easily inform, counsel and educate the parents on issues related to girls’ rights when they come for the parent—teacher meetings.

The teachers and wardens from all eight KGBVs of Lucknow district were invited for a two day training for Community Mobilization on January 17th and 18th, 2014. There was a discussion about the need for Community Mobilization and the teacher’s role as an advocate of the girls’ rights. After that, through very lively and interactive sessions, they planned how to make their Parent-teacher meetings interesting, thought provoking and engaging. They got into groups, wrote and then performed issue based playlets as part of their planning for the meetings.

A rally for creating awareness about the evils of child marriage has been planned for February 20th, 2014. The participants shared their views and vision. DSH has launched a web campaign on the same theme. The participants wrote beautiful poems and write ups and these were shared. A lot of hidden talent was discovered as some of them put their feelings in song. On the whole, it was a very enriching experience for the trainers and the participants.

Spokes Meet 2013

Two day Capacity Building and Empowerment Training was organized by Digital Study Hall for teachers of spoke schools on 22 November and 23 November 2013. The training was hosted at campus of Study Hall School, Lucknow. The first day of the training was focused on academic challenges and revisited mediation based pedagogy. Three model teachers from Digital Study Hall screened academic videos. The model teachers discussed innovative methods to translate effective teaching practices with help of digital content. On the second day of the training, gender experts discussed the need for gender awareness and critical pedagogy. Gender experts build sensitivity in the trainees by informing them about crime against women in India and recent changes in the legal rights to tackle these challenges. The participants were encouraged to use drama to create awareness about these issues in their students and their community. Trainee teachers prepare 3 issue based playlet and presented them at the training. Trainee teachers were eager to engage their students in drama. The Capacity Building and Empowerment Training turned out to be an enriching and refreshing experience for both the trainers and the trainees.

Issue Based Drama Festival

Study Hall Educational Foundation celebrated International Day of the Girl Child by organizing an Issue Based Drama Festival on 11th October 2013. Girls from three KGBVs of Mirzapur district, through their intense, issue based plays, compelled the audience to think how much more needs to be done to empower these girls for facing the challenges in their lives. This festival is part of Foundation’s Girls Empowerment program with KGBVs in collaboration with UNICEF. A poem written by the students of Prerna Girls School and an inspirational song added colours of joy and hope to the program. All the distinguished guests lauded the efforts of the girls who had stepped out of their villages for the first time and the sincerity and dedication of their teachers.

First Prize
KGBV Majhwa,
Play – Parivartan
Theme – Domestic Violence, Child Marriage, Dowry

Second Prize
KGBV Chaanbe
Play – Astitva
Theme – Dowry, Child Marriage

Third Prize
KGBV Rajgarh
Play – Deep Jal Uthe
Theme – Benefits of Education

Press Report

Mapping Vulnerability of Adolescent Girls

In the course of the work done with the teachers and students of the 38 KGBVs, it has been noticed that circumstances of some girls make them extremely vulnerable making them liable to early marriage or trafficking. In this way, all the efforts made to empower the girls in the KGBVs get wasted in such cases when girls after completing Class 8 are once again exposed to the risk of early marriage and denied the opportunity of standing on their own feet as independent young girls. Their vulnerability is further at risk by the lack of adequate social protection services/systems. As there has been no systematic effort to understand the vulnerability of girls in KGBVs, it is proposed to undertake a vulnerability mapping. Based on this, some effort could be made to deal with individual cases identified in the KGBVs depending on their situation and needs.

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Issue Based Drama Workshop

A two day training for 8 Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya(KGBV) was conducted at Varanasi. The training aimed at equipping teachers to develop scripts, train students in performance arts and staging a full scale productions. The program will stage 8 KGBV productions at the school and 3 finalist will get the opportunity to stage their productions on International Day of the Girl Child, October 11, 2013 at Lucknow.

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