Project Khel at Non Formal Education Centers

Summers at Non-formal Educational Centers are brought to life by Project Khel volunteers. The first NEC to play with our very joyful volunteers was NEC, Lohiya Park. NEC Lohia Park is situated right at the heart of the rag picker’s slum. The slum houses over 600 Bangladeshi immigrants, and close to 100 children.

The slum is set in an area of about 10 acre and is saturated with litter. In a small open area littered with plastic bags and discarded bottles, the students had their first taste of organized games. The games conducted by the volunteers were based on concepts relating to basic numeracy and language skills. The parents watching the children’s delight have promised to clean the area for the next game session. Students at NEC Lohia Park now eagerly look forward to the next game session. It is the first time that children from this slum have played together in such big number. Digital Study Hall now looks forward to have games across all the NECs starting this summer.

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