The role of a warden is challenging and very broad compared to that of a teacher. The girls enrolled at Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya(KGBV) come from extremely poor homes. These girls come from families where illiteracy, ignorance and poverty act as a host to much deeper problems. These deeper problems like child marriage keeps them from living a dignified and respectful life. At KGBV, wardens are not only teaching the classroom but they are also in charge of school administration. These issues demand for the KGBV Wardens to be advocate of the girls’ rights. To be advocate of girls rights a warden needs to be an adviser to parents, a counselors to students and sensitise community. This initiative of the wardens will not only make KGBV girls’ life brighter but will also help wardens to effectively work at the school.

A two day training for KGBV wardens from district Sonbhadra, Jaunpur and Mirzapur was hosted by Digital Study Hall at Varanasi on December 23rd and 24th, 2013. The main objective of the training was to get the wardens to analyse the above mentioned demands of their job and ascertain how they can be instruments of change.

Dr. Urvashi Sahni, trainer at the Leadership Training 2014 got the wardens to share different aspects of their role at the school. Dr. Sahni got the wardens to share their experiences while implementing empowerment programme by DSH. Members of the child protection and welfare agencies and police were invited to the training as well. This was an attempt to create a synergy between support groups and KGBVs. Many members of the support groups confessed that prior to this meeting help extended to the KGBVs was inadequate. The main reason for the inadequate support was the communication gap between KGBV schools and the support groups.

The sessions were interspersed with group work and energizing games. The wardens were highly appreciative of DSH. Wardens felt that they are better equipped to affect positive changes in their respective schools.

A Music Workshop for Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya, Lucknow

Digital Study Hall organized a three day music workshop for students of eight Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya from Lucknow district.

Five students and one teacher from each school attended the workshop. The girls were introduced to the various genre’s of Indian music folk, patriotic, qawwali, geet and classical.

Students and teachers learnt basics of music. Workshop started with notes and then elaborated on creating Ragas with the permutations and combinations of notes. There was a session on classification of instruments and how commercial music is composed and recorded. The trainers explained the semantics of music to seasons. Music for many different occasions and festival were also part of the workshop celebrations. Students were deeply engaged with stories about power of music. The concept of technology and art collaborating was introduced to the students, and how it helps in preserving the music was discussed.

As the workshop was conducted in Study Hall School campus at Lucknow, the girls celebrated Christmas with the school. KGBV students performed one of the song that they had learnt on the first day of the training. The performance was followed by a thunderous applause and KGBV girls glowed with pride.

Digital Study Hall is now looking forward to put together a music festival for all KGBV students. Music unites; it is an incredible force and can manage to bring people together who differ on everything.

Music Workshop for Students and Teachers of KGBV Sonbhadra

Exposure to performing arts is a wonderful tool for empowerment. DSH organized a four day music workshop for girls from KGBVs of Sonbhadra district of U. P. Music is an integral part of the lives of these girls, who come from the tribal belt and they were overjoyed to get this opportunity of learning music formally, albeit for a very short time. Their sincerity and passion was amazing and it was a heartwarming and enriching experience for both the trainers and the trainees.

Forty girls from eight schools participated in the training held at Obra from November 27 to 30th, 2013. Dr. Biju Bhagwati, a very senior music teacher from Study Hall school and Mrs. Shalini Chandra, Head, Pedagogy, DSH conducted the workshop. Sanjay Srivastava very ably supported the singing on Tabla and also took two sessions independently about rhythm, beat and percussion instruments. The girls were taught 11 songs ranging from a basic classical composition to patriotic, folk and inspirational. Mrs. Chandra taught them about the musical sounds, flat and sharp notes, types of instruments and the materials used for making them. They showed keen interest in learning about how the songs are recorded in a studio, the difference between classical and folk and how the tune and rhythm change according to the occasion. They loved listening to stories related to music and answering the questions of the quiz Mrs. Chandra conducted.

Participant KGBV Blocks
Babhni, Chatra, Chopan, Jugail, Ghorawal, Robertsganj, Myorepur and Nagwa

Winners of the music quiz
KGBV Chatra and KGBV Robertsganj

Most enthusiastic and supportive teacher award

Sneh Lata Rai, KGBV Chopan

Sneh Lata Rai, KGBV Chopan